Monday, October 19, 2015

NY Times Sez Justin Trudeau Headed For Victory Over Stephen Harper in PM Race

Lets see how this plays out, but sometimes you just have to restrain from snickering....unsuccessfully, of course...

For a more recent version of the sing-along, just before the election, see below. Original is on the Harperman web site.

I've really not got that much of a dog in this fight over who wins the Canadian PM race (other than my usual center-left tendencies and the fact that I grew up in and around Buffalo, NY, in spitting distance from the Peace Bridge). For me, the big issue is that as a more or less government scientist myself, I found it outrageous that Tony was summarily suspended from his job for what we in the States would consider a 1st Amendment right: singing a protest song about a Federal election. No sooner did word get out about Turner being booted from his job as a Government scientist than the song went viral on every social media and as you can see below, ended up being sung live across Canada. Beware of social media, eh?  I wonder how much of that unexpected landslide to the Liberal Party resulted not from "Harperman" but because of the Harper Administration's ham-handed dealing with Turner, which turned a song into a movement.

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