Monday, October 5, 2015

Hollywood and Gun Violence

Someone posted this to an NPR story. I think it was taken down shortly afterwards. Indeed, I hated waiting for Bill Maher to come on because the advertisements just before the show reeked with gratuitous violence. So answer me this: how can you worship violence in the media, violence in computer games, make money off of it (its not just the gun industry that takes home their bacon with guns), and demand that gun violence stops? Seems to me there is less and less distinction between art and reality.

Warning: Full of gratuitous violence, which is of course OK, but there are some bad words at the end...the Mutts don't like bad words. Or, for that matter, gratuitous violence.

But if you are going to be critical, at least be funny.

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Steve A said...

We watched "Run All Night." We lost count of how many people were shot by the star, but I'm sure he outpaced the Oregon guy by a wide margin.