Saturday, April 24, 2010

Your papers, please....

Before I ramble on, you should simply listen to my cousin Lori and her friend Chuck, who make up Pacific-Buffalo and who are way more articulate than I am.

Those are Lori and my maternal grandparents at the 2:02 mark.

A still unsolved murder blamed on drug dealers, increasing insecurity about America no longer being "leader of the free world", and Federal partisan gridlock on immigration reform have contributed to Arizona passing a highly controversial immigration law. I don't envy Arizona, as it is Ground Zero for our immigration crisis and must sit and watch Washington fiddle while the border sizzles. Still up for grabs is whether this draconian bill will pass judicial muster, but until that is resolved, its passage has created quite an uproar.

The 15 minute Bill Maher clip here points to some of the underlying insecurity leading to these misguided efforts to save America from those illegals by locking them up--yeah, whatta bitch. You will now have to raise bail to get those same people outa the hoosegow to do your yard work. Unfortunately, what we really need to do is save America from our own bad habits: spending ourselves into debt and therefore finding ourselves at the mercy of our creditors, concentrating on short term gain rather than long term stability, and ignoring our own nation's strategic vulnerabilities. Americans need to look in the mirror to find the cause of those problems. Nah. Its easier to find scapegoats.

Back to the Arizona law, the NY Times tells us that the law "...requires police officers, “when practicable,” to detain people they reasonably suspect are in the country without authorization and to verify their status with federal officials..."

Now, barring racial profiling or a crystal ball, how the heck do you suppose the police will reasonably suspect you are an illegal alien? Sounds like open season on people who look different to me. Better stay out of Arizona if you don't fit the profile of an honest to god American...whatever that is. I'll try to stay clear of AZ until reason prevails.

What I keep wondering is how much of this is political posturing? I don't think most of my fellow citizens are as wacky as they look below.

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