Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hypocrisy in Action: Everytown Taps Hollywood to Campaign Against SHARE Act, National Reciprocity

Right. Hollywood stars once again telling us to promote gun control.

The same Hollywood that makes a shitload of money subjecting us to media gun violence.

Maybe we need a little bit of consistency in the message? Reject Hollywood's media violence, too. With your wallet.


Weer'd Beard said...

Fiction and fantasy. As if implying that fiction creates reality, then you're no different than the book burners who thought "Smut" was going to ruin society.

The better question is "What qualifications do these people have to inform my opinions on guns or law?"

At least Mike Weisser has some credentials....of course if you read his writing and how often he makes factual errors or directly contradicts reality, it puts those credentials in serious question, but at least he HAS them.

If I want to watch a funny movie I watch Melisa McCarthy, if I need my car fixed I go see my Mechanic, if I have chest pain and labored breathing I should probably go to an ER, and then the Cardiologist.

But asking my Cardiologist to fix my car, or my Mechanic to star in a high-grossing comedy is about as stupid to take any of these celebrities advice on gun laws.

Even worse, they're very open about it, this is a script they're all reading (hence the obnoxious jump-cuts) so we're not even taking the advice of celebrities, we're taking the advice of Michael Bloomberg, who is so hated he needs to hire actors to talk for him.

Khal said...

Not sure its that cut and dried.