Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Letter Leaked to Mutts: How County Council Is Trying To Destroy American Values

Letter leaked to the North Mesa Mutts by a dissatisfied former member of The Nationwide.

"Lisa Shin's letter about the upcoming County Council vote on an immigration resolution clearly understates the case against this terrible document. Indeed, the Council is lock, stock, and barrel in conspiracy with the shadowy group, Nationwide, that seeks to end America as we know it.

Locally, that resolution is the tip of the iceberg and if left unchecked, further Council actions will have huge effects.  Huge effects. Among the other resolutions lurking in the shadows of Council subterfuge are ones that will:

1.      Dissolve the Los Alamos Sportsman's Club, force existing and past members to clean up deadly lead pollution, and repurpose this DOE land to be a condominium complex for illegals. These illegals will be given free bus rides on Atomic City Bus, at taxpayer expense, to undocumented jobs in the four county area (Los Alamos, Sandoval, Rio Arriba, and Santa Fe).

2.      TA-21, aka DP Site, will be cleaned up and will be a staging area for the mass transfer of illegals throughout the Southwest.

3.      All women in Los Alamos will be required to wear Birkenstocks and prohibited from shaving their legs.

4.      An excise tax will be put on all meat products sold in Los Alamos County for the purpose of forcing people to become vegans.

5.      Water in Los Alamos will be fluoridated. Will be fluoridated.

6.      Finally, the National Lab will be stripped of its national defense mission. Scientists will be forced to weave baskets to be distributed to the deplorables in the South, Rust Belt, and Appalachia.

We should be thankful for folks who expose these evils, which are at the heart of trying to Make America Un-Great Again. As a former president of Nationwide who has been reprogrammed by accidental exposure to Cobalt-Thorium G, I have seen the light. Please stop this resolution.


Lance Protractor

Former President Pro-Tem, Nationwide Citizens to Undermine America"

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