Monday, January 16, 2017

Heteronormatives, Cisnormatives, and Basketfuls of Deplorables

Editor, Santa Fe New Mexican

I wonder if Progressives in places like Santa Fe recall Bill Maher's criticism of people living inside their own bubbles. The City Council's recent tie vote is a big relief, i.e., that we did not actually approve this offensive and largely symbolic resolution, which includes words that most working class people formerly known as Democrats probably never heard or saw.

If I had my wish, it would be that rather than writing resolutions vetted only by those inside the bubble, we concentrate on running the city well and winning some elections. In case anyone missed it, we Donks (i.e., Democrats) lost the White House (not to mention Congress) because Donks in many Rust Belt areas such as the one I grew up in either stayed home or abandoned their party standard bearer. We need to get those folks back. Even heteronormatives, cisnormatives, or basketfuls of deplorables. Whatever those descriptors mean.

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