Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alaskan Senate Candidate recruits GIs to act as guards and arrest reporter covering his rally

 You know, members of the armed forces are not supposed to be acting as civilian police, as per the Posse Comitatus Act. But that doesn't keep underpaid GIs from making fools of themselves and of the Army.

Guards at Alaska Miller event included active-duty soldiers
"...Was Joe Miller required to bring a security detail to his town hall meeting Sunday at Central Middle School in Alaska?  That's what Miller, the Republican Senate candidate, told two national cable news networks Monday in the wake of the arrest by his security squad of an online journalist at his public event.
But the school district said there was no such requirement made of Miller -- he only had to provide a hall and parking lot monitor, and advise participants of school district courtesy and food rules.
Meanwhile, the Army says that two of the guards who assisted in the arrest of the journalist and who tried to prevent two other reporters from filming the detention were active-duty soldiers moonlighting for Miller's security contractor, the Drop Zone, a Spenard surplus store and protection service..."

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