Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Millions for a jailhouse, but not one cent for bus stops?

I don't really agree with the Tea Party movement or with Ordinance 555, but I do see the point of those who are souring on Government. Sometimes our own Council's priorities leave me perplexed.

You would think that with GRT money rolling in since LANL has been privatized, we could at least afford to build real bus stops or paved platforms along the outlying routes. Instead, bus patrons routinely have been left standing in the mud all winter and spring, often balancing on non-horizontal mud surfaces (since an obscure County ordinance seems to have prohibited more logical bus stop locations) while these patrons are trying their off-level best to make the Atomic City Transit a success.

Meanwhile, we are building a jailhouse second to none on the best real estate in Downtown BombTown and an allegedly expansive Municipal Building. The message seems pretty clear: if you want a roof over your head, you are better off running for Council or getting arrested. Last thing you want to do is be waiting for the bus.

We need to get the little things right, too. Not just the big ticket items.

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